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Bactroban Nasal Solution

Gentimicin Nasal Spray

Preparation of Nasal Spray:

Draw up 0.50 cc of Gentamicin into syringe. Put this 0.50 cc into a 45 cc bottle of Saline Nasal Spray, such as 'Ocean'.

  • Shake well.
  • Pour this into the empty nasal spray container we have provided and use this bottle for spraying the medicine into your nose.
  • Use sprays in each nostril t
  • wice a day.
  • Refrigerate all bottles with the exception of the original vial of Gentamicin.

If you have any questions please call the office.

Lidocaine Nasal Spray

Midrin capsules




Procedures FAQ's

Atopic Dermatitis Treatment: Bathing And Moisturizing


  • Tub bath for severe flaring or very dry skin.
  • Bathe twice daily for 20 minutes (until fingertips wrinkle), using lukewarm water only.


  • acceptable when skin is under good control or when flare is mild.


  • washcloths, rubbing-scrubbing or overuse of soap.

After bathing:

  • dry off only partially by patting with a towel. No rubbing.

While some water is still on the skin and within 3 minutes and before leaving bathroom:

  • Apply triamcinolone cream or other steroid cream as directed by doctor to red, itchy areas.
  • Apply moisturizer all over: Moisturizing should be repeated as often as necessary to keep skin soft throughout the day.
Cawthorne’s Head Exercises for Benign Positional Vertigo

Eye Exercises

Look up, then down, at first slowly, then quickly, 20 times.

Look from one side to the other, at first slowly then quickly, 20 times.

Focus on finger at arm’s length, moving finger 1 foot closer and back again, 20 times.

Head Exercises

Bend head forward then backward with eyes open, slowly then quickly 20 times.

Turn head from one side to the other side, slowly then quickly, 20 times.

As dizziness decreases, these exercises should be done with eyes closed.


Change from sitting to standing and back again with eyes open, 20 times. Repeat with eyes closed.

Throw a small rubber or like ball from hand to hand above eye level, 20 times.

Moving About

Walk across room with eyes open, 10 times. Repeat with eyes closed.

Walk up and down steps with eyes open, 10 times. Repeat with eyes closed.

Exercises to be carried out twice a day initially, increasing to 4 times a day as tolerated.

Emla Cream (Generic Lidocaine/Prilocaine) application

Emla Cream is a topical anesthetic used on the skin to prevent discomfort during the intradermal allergy injection procedure. We recommend using generic Emla Cream because it is much less expensive and as effective.

Apply the Emla Cream as follows, at least 1 hour prior to the office visit appointment. While side effects are rare the risk increases if left on the skin too long. Note that the amount used depends on the patient’s age (see below).


1. For patients 12 years and older, apply no more than one-half of the 30 gram (generic) Emla Cream to the upper outer portion of each arm over a 6 inch long by 2 inch wide region.

2. For Pediatric patients less than 7 years old apply no more than one quarter of the tube to each arm. For Pediatric patients 8 to 12 years old apply up to one third of the tube to each arm.

3. It is important to apply the Emla Cream to the skin in a thick ¼ inch layer. Do not rub, but smooth over the skin.

4. Cut a clean piece of clear plastic wrap (such as Saran Wrap) and cover over the portion of the arm where the Emla Cream was applied to both arms. Smooth down the edges carefully to avoid leakage. Please do not wrap the plastic wrap around the circumference of the arm.

5. Securely tape down the edges of the plastic wrap with hypoallergenic tape.


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